• Inauguration of the 5th COPION president (Lee Young Sun)
  • Established “Community Development Center” in Nepal
  • Established “Phu Tho Kindergarten” in Vietnam (Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Classroom extension in Phu Tho & Hai Duong, Vietnam (LS)
  • Provide IT education for marginalized young people in Indonesia (SKT)
  • Computer class for marginalized teenagers in Indonesia(Lotte Scholarship Foundation)
  • Supporting ‘Dream Library’ in Cambodia(Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation)


  • Inauguration of the 4th COPION president (Lee Bae-yong)
  • ‘Viewing the World through Participation Learning’ published
  • Global Citizenship Education ‘Beautiful World’ Project
  • Start of Teenage ‘Dream High’ Global Village Camp
  • MOU between Korea Brand & COPION
  • MOU with Incheon Airport Global CSR


  • Start of ‘Samsung-COPION Hope for Children’ Projects
  • Launched a job training program in Indonesia(KOICA Global CSR business)
  • Launched a job training & lower income family support program in Mongolia (KOICA)
  • Promote reproductive health of marginalized young people in Ethiopia (KOICA)
  • Provide free meal & restroom repairmen for elementary schools in Nepal (Korea Exim Bank)


  • Inauguration of the 3rd COPION president (Kim Jong-sup)
  • Acquisition of UN ECOSOC special agreement status
  • Organization of Korean volunteers ‘COIN’
  • Start of charity concert for global child poverty


  • Established “Korea-Mongolia Culture and Welfare Center” in Mongolia
  • Start of Global Citizenship Education Academy
  • Implementation of MUN for high school students
  • Launched Global Study Tour Program ‘Move-On’
  • International Conference for overseas NGO staff
  • Financial support for Developing Countries


  • Renewed name, KOPION to COPION(COoperation & Participation In Overseas NGOs)
  • Launched Global Citizenship Education Center
  • Published ‘Learn while voluntary working overseas’


  • Established “Cultural Welfare Center” in China
  • Enlargement of overseas voluntary service team (approx 1500 people)
  • Implementation of SIWA Charity Bazaar


  • Established “Culture and Welfare Center” in Nepal, Russia, Cambodia
  • Crusade against illiteracy activity for Developing Countries(Samsung & Chest party)
  • Start of Migrant Arirang Festival for Immigrant Workers


  • Inauguration of the 2nd KOPION president (Son byung-du)


  • Registered as a private NGO under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • Start of Global Leadership Training
  • Start of International Seminar of World Youth Service Team


  • Renewed name to KOPION (Korean Pioneers In Overseas NGOs)
  • Inauguration of the Board of Directors
  • Dispatch of NGO short training course overseas
  • Start of Global NGO Monthly Seminar


  • Inauguration of the 1st KOPION president (Gum chang-tae, Cho hae-nyung)
  • Established as an independent NGO Corporation
  • Exhibition Night of World Youth Service Team


  • Launched ‘Korea Overseas NGO inter/volunteer corps’ program
  • Start of KOPION long/short term volunteers overseas

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