What is COPION?

Started in April 1999, COPION (COoperation and Participation In Overseas NGOs) is a private non-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Seoul Korea. It is committed to serve the disadvantaged in the global community by recruiting and training international volunteers who are to be placed in overseas NGOs/NPOs.

What are the main activities of volunteers?

For 6 months on the average, COPION volunteers provide services in various areas such as community development, agrarian improvement, educational programs, medical care, administrative assistance, etc.

When do you recruit and select the volunteers?

Twice a year, in June and November, we send our volunteers abroad. We post announcements on recruitment and selection on COPION homepage. Please visit our homepage and refer to the announcements regularly.

How are the process of recruitment and selection of the volunteers?

Primary application screening – Resume screening, selection – Korean, English interview & English written test – Screening by dispatched area NGO – Final selection

What is the qualification of volunteers?

The recruitment is open to everyone including graduate students or undergraduate students between ages Junior (20~35) and Senior (over36).

How long is the volunteering program?

COPION volunteers have to complete minimum 3months to maximum 1 year of the community service and volunteering activities.

Can volunteers participate in other activities besides community service?

The volunteers cannot spare the time for his/her private activities such as having part time job or attending language institutions.
They should keep in mind the purpose of their work and fully participate in their community service.

Who pays for board and lodging in the local NGO and do we get paid for our work?

The local NGOs have to provide board and lodging for the volunteers. By all terms of the program, we dispatch COPION volunteers to the NGOs which agree with the provision of “free accommodations and meals,” and programs activities for dispatched volunteers.

In case of the accident, how are the volunteers compensated?

Every COPION volunteer has to be insured before his/her dispatch. The insurance company provides accident management and compensation. The local NGOs should handle any legal or administrative problems. They should also provide the best service and care and examine the safety of the members.

Who is responsible for the volunteers’ VISA problem?

The COPION volunteers himself/herself is responsible for his/her visa issue, visa extension, and any other related procedures. Additionally they also have to pay for the expenses. The COPION volunteers should obtain the visa that is appropriate to their volunteering program. The local NGOs have to help the COPION volunteers with the extension of visa.

What are some of the activities that the members of COPION take part in?

The COPION volunteers have their own Internet Club where they can share information and prepare for the volunteering program before they are dispatched. After their return, they fully participate in various activities such as foreign workers football tournament, Global bazaars, and other social services. “The COPION Night” is the annual event for the returned members, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, and diplomats in Korea, and board of directors.

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