COPION has operated local culture-welfare centers in five countries, Nepal, Cambodia, Russia, Mongolia, and China since the year of 2007. The centers have provided various cultural and educational programs and welfare services to the underprivileged people in order to improve quality of living in developing countries.

The programs and activities of centers include literacy classes, job training, basic education (science, literature, English classes, and etc.), and extra-curricular education (Korean language classes, IT training, cultivation, etc.).

Nepal Center Russia Center China Center
Mongol Center Cambodia Center

COPION culture-welfare centers also have a role of coordination body for our long-term and short-term volunteers, and develop and manage COPION’s network with local NGO/NPOs.

The centers consist of offices, libraries, classrooms, and dormitories for staff and volunteers, and are run by staff and volunteers from Korea and local communities. The establishment and projects of centers are operated thanks to the sponsorship of various companies and organizations, such as Samsung, SK Telecom, and KOICA(Korean International Cooperation Agency).

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