COPION is a non-profit organization registered with Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs andTrade. With the vision of building a viable civil society worldwide, twice a year, COPION is dispatching volunteers to overseas NGOs/NPOs carrying out community development projects in developing countries.

COPION has sent over 3,000 Korean volunteers to 43 countries in Asia, Africa, and North and South America, and has been working with approximately 120 NGOs/NPOs since 1999. Those volunteers have served the communities for an average of 6 months each in various areas such as relief work in rural areas, local development programs, public education & awareness, medical care, management and administration, and research and study. Most of these volunteers have enjoyed the ‘free accommodation and meals’ offered by host organizations. Host organizations which are our partner groups also have placed them in their programs and have provided supervisions while the dispatched COPION volunteers were staying with them. And all other expenses including airline tickets have been covered by the COPION volunteers themselves.

The period COPION volunteers serve varies between about 3 months and a year (6 months on average).

   Our Objectives

  • Promotion of good Samaritarism and volunteerism to youngsters who will be leaders of 21st century.
  • Revitalization of international volunteers activity through dispatching volunteers to abroad.
  • Promotion of image of Korea in the international community by having them take role of private diplomats.
  • Establishment of diverse cultural exchange network through internationalization of volunteers’ activities
  • Support the NGOs and NPOs worldwide including those of least developed countries.
  • Training and nurturing of future global leaders/citizens

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