At Ethiopian Schools, Changes Under Way to Make a Better Tomorrow
In a small city called Adama in Ethiopia stands a humble school where hundreds of children gather every day. Many of the students, either orphans or just as vulnerable because of poverty, travel miles every morning not only for education but to find what children of their ages need the most: love and care. The De la Salle kindergarten was set up a few years ago with the funds from local and foreign donors. Solomon Ghidey, the 24-year-old head of the institution, who has been involved in volunteer works to help children for years, personally laid each of the bricks for the building with help from his friends. But from the worn-out blackboards that are so old that the chalk doesn뭪 erase well to lack of funds for free lunches, the institution as well as the adjacent Mulete Hara elementary school face so many challenges in offering an adequate environment for education.

Children flock to these humble schools to learn and to be loved
That why Samsung, in joint efforts with Korean NGO COPION, has stepped in to offer some help to these two institutions. As the first such step, we provided new school uniforms and built a playground where the students can play their hearts out safely. Lunch box delivery was arranged to the schools and teachers no longer have to worry about whether there will be enough food to go around for everyone. And most recently, a project took off to construct a new school building.
A new playground and soon a new school building!

Samsung has also organized workshops for the teachers at both institutions to consult them on how best to teach these young, eager students. The teachers, mostly housewives and college students, earn just $35 a month. They may not have received professional training for teaching, but their love for these children and desire to make a difference to the future of their country is no less than others.

Eager teachers listening in on how best to teach

“Today is better than yesterday,” Solomon often says when faced with new challenges. We hope the little help we are offering could contribute to creating a brighter future for the children of Ethiopia and making a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our support for the Muelte Hara and De la Salle institutions is part of the Samsung-COPION Hope for Children Program, launched in December 2011 to give hope for the children in need through education. Under the program, we are committing 200 million won (about $176,000) annually to support such education projects in Cambodia, Ethiopia and the Philippines, working with nine local NGOs.
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