Established in December 2008, Global Citizenship Education Center aims at raising Korean teenagers and young adults as responsible global citizens who are interested in understanding global issues, acting to solve the problems, and respecting diverse cultures and beliefs. While our volunteer programs develop the attitude and heart for neighbors in poverty in the world, Global Citizenship Education Programs cultivate participants’ intellectual aspect as the next generation of the global society.

■ Who are Global Citizens?
Domestic and international teenagers, adults, teachers, parents, professionals, and related organizations that,

  • Respect for diversity and difference
  • Understand various global issues such as global economy, politics, socio-cultural problems, technology, environment, etc.
  • Pursuit social justice and peace
  • Actively participate in various community activities at the regional and global levels
  • Create a sustainable global action
  • are able to build a sense of responsibility for global community and their own action

■ Value
Global -> Global Orientation
Citizenship -> Creative Thinking
Education -> Empowerd Mind
Center -> Cooperative Participation

■ Functions
GCEC functions through,
1. Education
1) development of educational program
2) development of educational materials
3) development of domestic and international training programs

2. Providing Information
1) Lecture and Symposium
2) Data acquisition (Online/Offline)

3. Empowerment and networking
1) Organizing study groups and activities

■ Main Programs
GCEC runs diverse programs below to fulfill its mission.

COPION Model United Nations (COMUN)
COPION Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations in which participants take roles as diplomats to debate and consult about given agenda and to develop solutions by adopting resolutions.


  • 1st COMUN: Global Economic Crisis and Official Development Assistance (2009)
  • 2nd COMun: Directions and Principles of Post Kyoto Protocol (2009)
  • 3rd COMUN: Drinking Water and Sanitation / Food Crisis and Right to Food (2010)
  • 4th COMUN: R0eform of UN Human Rights Council for better protection of human rights (2010)

Academy for Global Citizenship

Academy for Global Citizenship is an eight week long lecture series followed by participants’ presentation and discussions. It aims to increase public interests in key international issues and to lead active and voluntary actions among citizens for improvement over world problems.

The academy covers the issue of globalization, world poverty, environment, human rights, international conflicts, global economy, global citizenship, and so on.

Global Golden Bell

Global Golden Bell is one day educational event with the form of quiz survival. It aims to make youths have correct understandings on what happens in global village and build knowledge about major international issues. Three hundred questions from six issues, environment, conflict, human rights, poverty, economy, the United Nations, are given to youth participants in prior to the main event in which only fifty questions out of the 300 will appears.

Participants also have opportunities to make presentations about their effort for being a good global citizen and to experience a few micro level activities like making recycled notebooks.

Global Study Tour

Global Study Tour is a filed visit program conducted abroad for a week to ten days. It aims to provide young generations firsthand experience on a designated global issue currently discussed in international community so that they can obtain in-depth knowledge and understand international perspectives by attending relevant international conference and visiting international government organizations and non-government organization. Participants have preliminary seminars before leaving and submit report with the lessons they gain after come back.

The tour can be conducted with the subject below,

  • 1st tour: Climate Change and Human Security
  • 2nd tour: Understandings of the Education System in Developing countries

COPION University Community (CUC)
COPION organized a coalition of university clubs which are interested in international development, voluntary works and global citizenship. The purpose of the organization is to cultivate mature global citizens who understand leaderships, mutual understanding, value of participation and cooperation, and eventually know how to apply gained knowledge into everyday life. Members of the organization have periodic gatherings for discussions and voluntary works in domestic field.

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