Since the first four teams to India for overseas NGO visit in 2001, COPION has periodically dispatched short-term volunteer service teams every year. Participants are counted up to 4,000 performing in fifteen countries mainly but not only in the Asian region.

The short-term volunteer program is operated with International Service Learning Camp and Corporate citizen volunteer services.

First time in Korea, COPION introduced International Service Learning in 2006, which theoretically combines voluntary works with learning resultedly helping participants have intellectual, personal and social development. The program is targetted at students from middle school to college students, and general publics as well. Throughout the whole terms, participants go through the three stages of Preparation-Action-Evaluation that guide them design and perform effective activities for themselves after learning the needs and problems of the clients, and that also help them evaluate their works and apply the lessons gained from the early steps after come back.

Members of corporate and enterprises can enhance their sense of responsibility to global society through short-term voluntary activities.

Combined with cultural and historical visit, the short-term volunteer programs provide all participants good opportunities to obtains comprehensive understandings about the other side of global village, and it will eventually lead them grow up as genuine global members as needed in the 21st century.

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