Since 1999, COPION has dispatched volunteers to more than 150 NGOs and NPOs in 43 countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and South America twice a year for the average duration of 6 months to 1 year. COPION volunteers have served to people or community of developing countries in need of help, by participating in various areas of development projects, including health care, education, advocacy, poverty reduction, environment and etc.

With its long history and achievements, COPION long-term volunteering program has been a major program of the organization. Through the program, more than 700 volunteers have shared their talents and skills with neighbors of the world.

Most of our volunteers are young adults of age 20~35, while the program is open for seniors and other age groups older than 36. They are selected through comprehensive process, including application review, in-depth interview, foreign language efficiency test, and physical check-ups, and trained through 5-day intensive workshop to be well-prepared for their volunteering.

Since 2006, COPION has also operated COPION-NGO volunteer program, supported financially by KOICA(Korean International Cooperation Agency), a government office responsible for the official development assistance. The dispatching period of COPION-NGO volunteers is 1 year, and can be extended if volunteers are willing to do so. Their tasks are similar to COPION Long-term Volunteers.

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