Help for Flood Damage of an Orphanage.

The number of street children in Manila, capital of Philippines, is near 75,000. The children are exposed to diseases, sex crimes, and all sorts of dangers but not even the government is being able to take effective measures. The HoR (House of Refuge) has established an orphanage near Manila for the children and protected and helped adapt and grow into true members of the Philippine society. But the typhoon on 26, September, 2009, caused the nest of HoR children to sink underwater to the second floor.

Although the typhoon made a mess, the children must keep dreaming
at that place. Please send support to the children of HoR who are currently living in temporary houses and other children on the streets to get a new nest and fulfill their dreams.!!

The Contribution you donate are used for educational project of local organization, Hor orphanage, through COPION.

1. The ‘House of Refuge’, a home for children, is ruined because of the flood.

2. The garments and beds are useless because of the flood.

Please, send your donation request to us. e-mail :

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