Far away, the capital city of Kenya, Watoto Wema Center is located in kayolre, Nairobi. (in Swahili means ‘good freinds’ ) there are about 60 children without a parent, are living in a cramped spaces.

Most of case, they come to orphanage bacause of children abandoned or neglected by family members. Even their parents may have been abused. 15-18 years of age, the children who come here for they can’t get any help from someone from unwanted pregnancy or HIV, AIDS.

div>Most children, they live with a meal of the each day, When they go on to elementary school age and they have to go to school, but they don’t have 1000 shillings for school fee (South Korea 16,000 won money) to attend school now.

Also the children can’t receive basic medical services, even a simple illness treatment.

Like they live in poor conditions, so please you presented Watoto Wema children with a little hope.

This donation is used for center’s Children feeding programs and medical services and school tuition of Center.

Please, send your donation request to us. e-mail : members@copion.or.kr

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